Friday, February 17, 2012

30 Weeks!

I am having a really hard time believing that this Baby Dos will be arriving in 10 weeks!  What?  Where did the time go?  Oh yeah, I have spent it chasing a 2 year old around.   Feeling good and haven't had any weird pregnancy issues so far.  I am feeling larger this time although they say I am measuring just about the same as last time.

We are getting really excited to be a family of four.  Matine talks more and more about "being a big sister" "the baby" and all the plans she has for him/her.  She will sing a song and then say things like, "do you think the baby will like this song?"  One day she declared to me that SHE will be the one to pick the babies outfits out and feed it.  That will sure be helpful!

I am getting excited about the warm, snuggly, chubby baby thing - every time I see an infant I can just feel ours in my arms.  Our friends Meggann and Tony and baby Brody came over last night for dinner and it was like another lifetime having a 10 month old in the house.  Crawling, finger foods, baby babble... I already forgot about the needs and rules of pre-walking toddlers!  I am hoping it all comes back to me.  If it doesn't I am sure Matine will be double check EVERYTHING I do and don't do with the Little One.  

Right now, everything is a "but WHY mom?"  I give her and answer and it's followed up with another, "but WHY?"  I am thankful that we have a POTTY TRAINED Matine now!  Only 2 accidents since we started the potty training nearly 2 weeks ago now.  She hasn't had an accident at nap time and even though we put her to bed overnight with a diaper she is waking up more and more with a dry diaper.  I swear, we totally lucked out with this kid.  She has been SO easy with every thing we have needed to do with her.  I feel so lucky and honored to have her in my life.  I know I am extra hormonal and all right now, but I am brought to tears on a  DAILY basis by this little gals sweet, gentle heart and spirit.  She is SO kind and sweet to everyone, everything.  She just cares about others and LOVES to bring joy to people.  From her "jokes" to giving hugs and kisses because, to telling us all how much she loves us, or how nice we look or hugging her dogs and cats (oh yeah, we have 2 cats now... another post about that coming next).  I feel so ready and excited to see how this new baby changes and adds to her already rich life.   She will be the BEST big sister ever.  She has a lot of love to go around and I think she will really thrive with the new addition.  I am really not worried about the transition.

As always, my little helper is close at hand! 

Please notice how she unzipped and had to show her naked belly too... She does this every time I look at my belly.

I will also post pics of the new baby's room!  We are getting close to pulling it all together.  It is really cute and I think I like it even more than Mattie's nursery!

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taylor said...

i'm so excited for you and your family! i love little matine's tummy picture. too cute. you look great.


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