Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bathroom Progress x2

We have made some serious progress in the bathroom department around here - in a couple of ways.

A.)  The bathroom remodel is going swell.  Peter and Jim are hard at work on phase 2 of the project, which is replacing the foggy in-shjower window with pretty, clean glass blocks.  This required some reframing of the space and then the placement, indoor and outdoor grouting of the blocks and lots of discussion.   Mattie and I stayed out of their way by working DOWNSTAIRS in the basement on the new baby room.

Thank GOODNESS for my mother.  She is amazing.  She, without blinking, swoops over and paints the room, ceiling, repairs holes, helps me move things around and re-arrange and always has great ideas for decorating (as I am a bit uninspired i.e. tired right now).  Not sure what I would do without her.   While we were cleaning, purging and moving, we went ahead and took a bunch of misc. furniture and fixings to my rental house which will soon become the 4th house on the Vacation Rental Property List! Shameless Plug:  Please, come stay in my darling 3 bedroom home this summer when you visit (tell your friends too).  There will be much more to come on that. 

I am not sure what people do if they only have 1 bathroom and rely on "do it yourself" timelines with bathroom remodels.  We are thankful to have the downstairs bathroom in full working order and Mattie has loved getting to lay in the bottom of the shower for her "bath time."

B)  The other progress in the "bathroom" department is actual cold-turkey potty training!   Yes, I chose to force Matine to use the potty in the middle of the bathroom remodel.  We can look back at that later and discuss, but for now, I am not going to judge myself too harshly - it's working!  Day 4 begins today and we have only had 1 pee accident and 1 poop mishap (I will spare you all the details of each).

(By the way, these photos are just to show you her new cute hat from Nona... she LOVES it and wears it everywhere)

After talking to Melynda on our last trip I decided it was time to just do it!  I thought back to her weaning from the pacifier (which I thought would be hard) and it literally took me saying, "hey, there is no more pacifier."  She nodded, said ok and we never heard another word about it.  It has been the same with the diapers.  I woke up and told her all the diapers were gone, she would be 3 years old soon, and she just can't wear them.  She has to wear her panties.  She smiled, nodded, and informed me that "I don't want to wear diapers anymore."    She is getting a total kick out of the whole thing and has been doing great.  She enjoys changing her panties for fun even when they aren't dirty -  because she "wants the ones with the flowers on them." Just like changing an outfit throughout the day.   Such a girl.

We picked three days that we didn't have much going on outside the house, I have pumped her with whatever she wants to eat (including salty and sugary stuff) so she will drink lots of liquids, and I just ask her every 1/2 hour if she needs to use the potty.  She usually tells me when she needs to go and we go, I read Olivia Books about 12 times in a row as she holds me captive on the cold bathroom floor.... and success!

The big carrot that we are dangling at her is if she will go #2 in the middle of the day again she gets a new board game (CandyLand).

I will keep you posted on our progress!


Lee Holladay Vernon said...

We are working on some potty training too and it's tough but I'm not going to tackle it too much for a little while longer. Good luck! How's the pregnancy going?

taylor said...

that face is too cute!

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