Saturday, January 28, 2012

Elkhorn Hotsprings Weekend

This time last weekend we joined the Harrison Family (see Melynda's blog for her account of the weekend) for our 2nd Annual Winter Ski / Fun Weekend (that's what I am calling it at least).   Last year we joined them in Neihart, MT for some downhill skiing at Showdown Ski Resort and XC skiing at Kings Hill Pass.   This year we met up in Polaris, MT at Elkhorn Hotsprings.  They are an excellent family to "travel" with because they, like us, are independent, fun and just ready to go.

This is the face of winter fun! 

We met up with them on Friday at the Patagonia Outlet in Dillon for some shopping and then caravanned through the beautiful Pioneer Mountain Valley to our destination.  We stayed in the cabins there at the "resort."  I use this term loosely because despite the quaint appeal of the exterior, they are "rustic" in most ways.  We didn't seem to mind the sagging, three legged beds, or the archaic wood stove that was either really HOT or OFF.  We didn't even mind the drafty outhouse, shared by the culdesac of cabins --- there was SNOW!  Sadly, snow has been hard to come by this winter and we are just fortunate we only had to drive 3 hours to find it.

Peter and Henry quickly packed down a sledding course with snow shoes and the kids spent most of the weekend screeching down the hill and asking to be pulled back up the hill.  Thank goodness the dads took care of most of the treks back UP hill.  I manned the landing at the bottom of the hill and made sure the kids didn't go off course and careen into the outhouse or trees.

I am not sure I have ever seen Mattie have more fun.  She LOVED the sledding.  She NEVER got too cold, wet or tired.  She even did about an hour of sledding at abbot 8pm IN THE DARK with her headlamp on (which is also a favorite possession and great toy for a kid, thank you cousin Gwenna).

We intermingled some walks across the bridge to the hot springs to soak in the mineral pools, a little bit of XC skiing (this consisted of a very slow ski/walk on the road) and for Mattie, some walking around in her snowshoes, rolling in snow, and eating snow.  The dogs were also quite happy getting to run and frolic and be free of fences for the weekend.

There is also a very "Montana-esque" lodge/restaurant that served food and a continental breakfast each morning (included with our cabin rental).

The Hoffmann's came down for a bit on Friday night and a bit of sledding on Saturday too.

It was a great weekend that helped us feel like we actually live in Montana for a winter.  I wonder where next year's destination will be?  Somewhere that can accommodate ANOTHER little kiddo .... that's for sure!

cousin time in the cabin - sleeping bags and a floor - always good entertainment! 

morning snuggles with my gal... doesn't get any better (unless it was on a not-so-creepy bed)

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Mel said...

So much fun! I'm thinking of baby-friendly places for next year ;)

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