Friday, January 27, 2012

Another remodel ....

demolition begins ... nice hole, eh? 

Doesn't this look life fun?   Yes, we are again in the midst of another home "improvement" project.  By necessity, and I mean necessity because if we didn't do this now our dry wall DOWNSTAIRS would start peeling off and we might fall through the rotting floor in our bathroom.

Not exactly what we planned on spending any $$$ on right now, but hey, we love home ownership!  In the end, it will be great to have a nice, clean, fresh look and feel to our main upstairs bathroom!

hole starting to be filled in
 As Matine stood in the doorway looking at the hole in the floor and the absence of the toilet, tub and sink, the questions start pouring out of her ....
- where is the potty?
- what are you doing, dad?
- where are my mermaids? (the ones she keeps in the tub)
- where is the floor?
- what is this for?
- why?
- why?
- why?

Peter gave her a quick answer and it was NOT satisfactory to this inquisitive, wordy gal.

She puts her hands on her hips and says, "Dad, what is going on?  Let's talk about this!  What are we going to do about this?"

dad's little helper, of course .... 
 Clearly, she knows she can contribute to this project.  She made sure she knew where her tape measure was this morning during breakfast.

dad's other little helper - JimPa (the lifesaver, always)
 I took Mattie to Sally's house to play with Audrey (and I could watch the recorded episodes of Downton Abbey that I have missed) in the name of "keeping Matine out of Jim Pa and Peter's way."  Glad I did, because they got the floor done!

Phase 1 of 20 complete - new tile floor! 
I will keep you posted on the next phase:  drywall and wainscoting on the walls, and tile in the shower.  Jury is still out on what to do with the window in the shower - glass blocks or keep the window?

This is my inspiration (, but I will paint another color - something more like a bluish gray I think.

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