Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ready for Baby

I may not be very ready for this next baby (physically or mentally) but I know one little gal who sure thinks SHE is ready!

Today:  As I mentioned, Mattie is now COMPLETELY dressing herself these days.  Today I sat in front of her a shirt, pants, socks and boots.  Within 5 minutes she had ALL her clothes on (right direction and all) AND had gone to the front door and put on her hat, jacket and mittens.  I was so happy and impressed and my comment to her today was, "wow, thanks so much Matine for getting dressed by yourself.  That is so helpful. I sure appreciate your help.  I am going to always need your help."  Her reply:  "I know.  I will need to help you with the baby.  I will dress the baby, ok?"

And I am SURE she will.

She turned one of my shirts into a baby sling.

She asked  me the other day if what she was eating was healthy for the baby in her belly.  She also in that same day told me she needed ice cream because the baby in her belly wanted it .... hmmmm.

 Ever since our pig roast BBQ at the Baldner's house this summer where they roasted a whole pig on a spit, While we have a weekly discussion on which animals we eat - she knows we eat "pigs and cows" knows that "pig turns to meat and we eat bacon and pork!"  We had a quick talk about this and then she got really quiet and looked at me very serious and asked/stated, "but we don't eat babies, right?"  I assured her no. Glad we got that straightened out!

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Michal said...

I just LOVE Matine. I can hardly wait to squeeze her (gently, of course), and YOU, in August!

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