Thursday, January 12, 2012

More bizarro

I LOVE this kid... for so many reasons, but the number 1 reason:  she marches to her own drum and I think this will serve her well in this World.

Besides the obvious outfits (pictures shown) she says the most HILARIOUS things!

Her latest thing is her incessant need to know what is going on!  She asks, "mom, what are you doing" or "mom, what was that."  "Mom, what's going on out there?"

If it takes me more than 2 seconds to give her an answer OR she is not satisfied with the answer she says, "mom, what are they doing, let's talk about it."

Yes, she says, "let's talk about it" on a regular basis.  Often, if she wants to hear more of a story or doesn't understand what I am saying about an "adult topic" she will just say, "let's talk about it, tell me."   Oh boy!

Lately, she is LOVING me telling her about when she was a baby.  She likes hearing us recount our memories of her when she was born, or the songs we sang to her, or how she liked to be held, or what she looked like in her crib.  Last night, we were laying down and reading her books before bed and she said, "I don't want a book, let's talk about how much you love me as a baby."  My heart was so full!

She is also really practicing her role as "big sister."  Babies are getting LOTS of attention and she is really trying to nurture her dolls.  She actually scolded me the other day because I was being too loud while her baby napped.  Shame on me.  I hope she remembers her own pearls of wisdom in about 4 months!

This morning she slept till 6:30 (yay) and then snuggled in bed with me for a while.  After about 30 minutes she stretches her arms up, touches my face and says, "mom, are you rested enough?  It's time to get up and make some coffee. Let's go."  All of this with the "mom" voice that we usually give kids, all chipper and encouraging.

Everything right now is "so silly" or "so funny."  She will slap her knee and shake her head like we do to her and say, "you are SO silly!"   She also was playing with her noodles at dinner last night, yes, just playing with like play-doh them... no eating.   They were magically a "barn" and a pile of "hay" at one point and she kept talking about the little pig that lived inside of them.  "Don't eat my pig" and "look, there's a pig in there!"  At one point, she very clearly says, "Oh my gosh!  Look at that, there's a pig in there!"

There is so much more, I can't even keep up with the journaling or typing when it comes to the things that come out of her mouth, but, I will continue to try... So we all can get a good laugh.

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