Tuesday, August 30, 2011

They're Married!

The day finally came when David Lustig made Tiffany his wife... seven years we have waited for this guy to make it official!  We love Tiff, and David too and they are a match made in heaven.   We are so happy for them and we loved getting to celebrate with them this weekend.  Like other weddings, it was a mini family reunion - we got to see ALL the family and had a delightful time!

 Heading to the beautiful meadow in the mountains for the ceremony.  Mattie and Cash decided to be a couple for the whole night. They were inseparable.  She must like a cowboy. 

Getting to hang with her Cousin Gwenna... They are only a couple months apart.  It is freaky to see genetics at work with these three - they are so similar!

Bridger String Quartet played music as we arrived and as Tiff walked down the isle.  SO beautiful.
Our clan arriving.
 I LOVE this family!  Seriously, when you marry you marry the family too. I hit the jackpot. I can't imagine picking cooler people to spend time with.   And they are all so beautiful (in and out) and have picked some pretty fantastic boyfriends and girlfriends.

Nana Jo and her little Cash-Man.

Gorgeous day, gorgeous setting ....
Handsome Eric and his pink shirt.  He and Peter went shopping before the wedding ... Cute huh?

The Groomsmen!  All the Lustig boys are SO handsome!(David, Ben, Jake, Rick, Mystery Friend, Danny and Kurt)

Bucky Leaper (the wiener dog) and the flower girls and 12 bridesmaids!
Pretty Mary and Gwenna - another fabulous cousin!

Tiff was gorgeous.  I was speechless, as I know David was too.

The bubbles were a hit and were props for all sorts of fun all evening.
Jhett trying to eat an entire piece of pizza in one bite.
 It was a great wedding - casual and pretty.  Pizza was served for dinner (Tiff's favorite) and a doughnut cake for the cake (again, her favorite).   10 Foot Tall and 80 Proof (my FAVORITE local band) played live music for hours!

Family Portrait... Only one we've had in a while.

Loni and her love, Justin.
The scene

Mattie loved the doughnut cake.

First Dance

Tiff and David's first Dance was one of the sweetest I had ever seen.  David was a big pile of mush and was teary eyed (first we had ever seen).  Tiff was so in love and so beautiful.  As they danced (and I cried), Mattie and Cash took their first dance and you will see in this video BOTH couples being adorable. Please see the moment when  as Cash walks across the dance floor to dance with Mattie....

After the first dance, Mattie and Cash immediately went into couples dance mode and continued to emulate every move they saw on the dance floor.  When I tried dancing with Matine at one point, Cash even tapped me on the leg and 'cut in' to dance with her more.  They twirled, two stepped, did some spins and hops.  It was precious.

This is Mattie's solo performance. This went on for hours.

Cousin Tara and friend Jake

My favorite gals - Lone and Marni Waters ... I wish I had sisters just like them.  I guess I kind of do!
Ben and Amy (both siblings of the groom) tearing up the floor!

More bubbly love and of course, Mattie's favorite- her Marni.

The world's BEST sister-in-law!   I love Amy!


firstnamejane.blogspot.com said...

OK Brooke! .... that was the sweetest video of Matine dancing with her cowboy.... sorry newly wed couple but, they really, really stole the dance.... I loved it!
I love your Mom and your family! Don't get so busy that you stop your blogging!

lauren and brad said...

that wedding looks like so much fun!

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