Monday, March 7, 2011

My kid is a total wierdo.

Before you say, "geez, I wonder where she gets it?" just enjoy what you are about to see and hear. 

First off, there really is very little "coaching" of this strange behavior.  Every so often we do make her cheer for toast or spin in circles or jump up and down like a dog for a piece of candy; but please don't judge, lest we judge YOUR parenting skills too!

Lately, our daughter will stand up in her chair, lift her hands above her head and do "spirit fingers" and scream "TOOOOOAAAAST!"  As soon as she realizes how much we laugh, she will say other foods too, sometimes just going through the list of people we know with enthusiasm, shaking fingers above her head and smiling as she shouts their name.   It's freaking cute.  Trust me.

She also enjoys wearing her Paddington Bear robe (sometimes accompanied with cowboy boots) after her bath.  Seems cute and normal.  Mostly.  She prefers to not have clothes under neath and then stands in front of her mirror, opening and closing the robe and laughing.  Yes, she flashes her nude self and laughs at herself.  Wierdo.

She flits and floats around the house singing to herself.  She usually asks to have her "dress" on, puts things in her hair, wearing her long, fancy dress up gloves and cowboy boots.  The latest addition to this lovely apparel is her new cowboy hat.  I can barely get it off of her it falls over her eyes and she will turn it sideways so it stays on.  Wierdo.  Cute.  Whatever it is, I LOVE it!

She still likes to whisper "I love you" instead of just saying it out loud. 

She prefers to drink out of little bitty bottles in strange shapes.  No sippy cups, or regular cups for that matter.  Old lotion bottles or decorative ones that look more like bud vases are much preferred.  I have even caught her filling two of them up at once and banging them together and saying "Cheeeeerrrs!"  Do you think we drink too much in front of her? 

We are really trying to not ask her too many questions at this age like, "what do you want for dinner, or what do you want to wear?"  We know it's best to just tell her what she will be eating, etc. But every once in a while I do ask and I think it's more out of amusement than really needing her to decide.  Example:  the other day I ask her "What should we cook for dinner?"  I said this as I had the pantry door open and was looking in it.  She walks up to me, stands like I was staning and points at the pantry, saying "um. hot dogs, medicine, and toast."   Clearly the girl knows what she wants!

If it is sunny outside AT ALL she asks for her sunglasses and she will keep them on until I pry them off her face.  She must know that she looks like a Barbie rockstar in the things because she gets this look on her face and will deliberatley make funnier faces with them on.  She also does this with the boots - when she has them on, it's a different walk and attitude.  

I can't wait until the famed "Cottongim dress up box" arrives when Nona and Jim Pa get back from Oklahoma.  Clark and I spent years perfecting this well-rounded collection of costumes and props.  I know one kid that will truly appreciate its entirity and will be adding to the historic collection for years to come!  Uncle Clark (aka Miss Texas) you have met your match!

If she is weird, then we love weird!


Meg Taylor said...

she's looking really really CUTE!!!!!!

lauren and brad said...

oh my gosh! she is hilarious!

Weather said...

she sounds like such a joy!

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