Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Bunny Story

Oliver and Matine - "on the prowl" for Cottontail.
For those of you have been reading my blog since it's humble beginnings, you might remember "The Bunny Story" - a story that was posted on the internet by an old friend .. which really embarrassed me.  If not, it's worth a read - you will laugh out loud.  You can find it HERE

This is another bunny story.  We have a "bunny" in our yard. At least, that's what I told her. We did have one earlier in the winter and through the fall. I watched it and it's little bunny family hip hop through the yard and back in the mornings and evenings. They are very cute. I haven't seen it in a while, so I thought, "let's feed it!" We have been reading a book about a bunny alot lately and Matine is starting to understand that bunnies like carrots, so we grabbed a bag of old carrots from the fridge (goodness knows SHE won't eat them to save her life) and marched out to the "bushes" where the bunny lives and laid them out for it.

Well, if you think this child will forget about this bunny for a single second ... well, you'd be wrong. When she rises, we must open the blinds and look to see if the carrots are there. When we eat, we stare out our front windows and talk in depth, something about "bunnies" "eating" "sleeping" "carrots" "house" "bushes" "running"... I am not sure WHAT she is really saying about the bunny, but it's about the bunny and the carrots.

It's been nice out so we have spent LOTS of time in the front yard looking for the bunny. Yesterday we took a 1.5 hour walk around the block and beyond, looking for the rabbit. We called it a "bunny hunt" and she even crouched down and crept around like she was looking for it in secret spots. Today, she grabbed Oliver's collar and in her pj's and cowboy boots, led him to the front door - clearly wanting him to go with her into the yard to check on the status of the carrots and bunny.

Sadly, no bunny sightings since we have fed it carrots. I hope he turns up for Easter.

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