Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Pages of Her Memoirs

This child loves to color. I mean LOVES to color. Pens, pencils, crayons, markers ... She loves to write notes and she usually dictates what she is writing or coloring as she goes. I found an article recently that I found amusing. It was about the benefits of letting a child color and draw and says that - it develops coordination, grip, strength, as well as imagination and an awareness of shapes, colors and designs. The article was about pre-preschoolers and how to assess their readiness for handwriting ... Yes, Matine is only 20 months old, but as I read, "By observing coloring one can also determine a child's handwriting readiness. Things to look for to help determine a child's handwriting readiness are: "Attention, crayon grip, posture/strength/endurance, and the use of the helping hand(the hand that holds the paper)." (taken from Pre-School Playbook)

Whoa.  This child holds a pencil better than some adults, and as you can see is QUITE determined, and can entertain herself for an hour at a time with a piece of paper and a crayon.  Maybe I can encourage to start her memoirs now?

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Weather said...

She looks so cute and so serious!

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