Friday, January 21, 2011

4:15 AM

Matine decided to wake up at 4:15 this morning, calling for "ma-maaaaa, "daddddeeeeee," "cash, cash," "ouiiieieeeee," "ma ma ma ma ma!" We heard just about every combination of words she could muster. I think she even shouted out milk, crayon, car, tractor, baby, paci, Gaucho, and Nona.

"Let her cry it out a while," we mumbled to each other. "We have got to quit bringing her to bed when she wakes up like this, especially this early!"

Pillow over head, trying to muffle the dramatics.

Since it didn't sound like she was in pain, just awake and bored, we let it go on .... and on .... Two hours later, I was sleepless anyways, but I felt like I was still "winning" or proving some point by not letting her in our BED. I just got up and went to the couch with her instead.

She immediately falls back to sleep unil 8:00am! Even the sounds of Pete making coffee, dogs running around and eating, and the morning news didn't wake our poor, tired sleeping beauty. Apparenlty, being wedged on the couch with mom is quite nice.

Here she is, very rested and asking for her toast! How can you stay too upset at that cute, fuzzy headed little gal.

1 comment:

Michal said...

I seriously can't believe how big she is! When did that happen?!

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