Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Howdy pardners

Well, we've been trotting around a bit - doing a little of this and a little of that. Nice long walks in the snow, Christmas shopping, getting the house decorated for Christmas, and lots of time with Nana Jo, JimPa and Nona. Dad's been horseshoing most days - he loves it and is learning lots! Mom feels silly for her lack of blogging lately - she recently left her camera down at the house we caretake, so as soon as she gets it back she will blog more - but alas, the snow has prevented her from getting down the driveway to get it! I have been reading lots of Christmas books lately. I LOVE the Night before Christmas, Ernest and Chester's Special Christmas (it's about a horse and a donkey), and my nativity books. I have learned to say "Santa" "Ho Ho Ho" "Manger" and "Jeezzzuuuus" Somehow my cute face makes Jesus sound scary. I love to give kisses lately (more than usual) and I like to surprise mom and dad and just run up to them to lay one on them. I love to say "no" right now. It's my answer to everything (even if I really want to say "yes"). I occassionaly throw in a "nope" or a "no way!" I like to "color" everyday at least once. My babies are still getting lots of love and attention. The dogs have been extra nice to me, but I now share about 1/2 of my toast with them every morning, so I guess it's to be expected. The toast has been extra good lately since I started monitoring it's cooking. I like to sit on the counter as it cooks and I now request "butter" and have to watch it being put on the toast. None of this dry toast anymore.... Silly mom. I love my snow boots and gloves and going outside to play is a lot of fun. I hate my hat and don't like to keep them on no matter how cold, but the boots and the gloves are great. I like to look at my Christmas tree and name all the animals on the ornaments. The presents under the tree look intriguing. I haven't busted into them yet, but am sure getting the itch. Mom, dad and I went to Chico the other day for a swim / soak and I really liked trying to go underwater. I am very polite. Anytime anyone does something nice for me (brings me food, drink, helps me up, hands me a toy, changes my diaper) I say "thank you" in the sweetest possible voice. I think I am melting hearts and will accomplish world domination with that simple phrase.

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