Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Go Carrie!

As you can see, I have some pretty rad friends.  This weekend my rad friends and I partook of a night out to the Carrie Underwood concert in Bozeman.  Me, Camy, Jeannette and Laurie - we all wore our Frye Boots and kicked it redneck style on Sunday.

After some delicious cocktails, dinner and some early retirement planning we hit the show.  Sons of Sylvia and Billy Currington opened and I have to say, the whole night was a total delight and ALL were incredible performers.  

Here she is in her humungous princess skirt dress.  I wish I had one.

Here she is in her very short skirt dress.  Peter texted me about 1,000 times during the show asking for pictures of her legs.  He was VERY sad he wasn't a girl on this night.  He wanted to be invited to see her perform (her body). 


And, here she is on a big blue truck that flew above the audience in the arena.  Pretty cool.  

It was a great night.  Thanks gals for the laughs and hoarse voices!   I will live in an old-lady home with all of you ANY DAY!  

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sarah said...

You are frickin HILARIOUS! I'm a friend of Meg's and everytime I read your blog I laugh out loud like a retard and my husband stares at me like I am a total weirdo- which makes me laugh even harder and then I about piss my pants!

I LOVE your BLOG! My old bestie, Joy lives in Bozeman...wonder if you might know her!

Oh and Matine is SO cute (weird saying that since you don't know me) but really.... she is adorable!

~Just another blog stalker, and huge Carrie Undewood Fan,
Sarah in California!

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