Thursday, November 4, 2010

Matine: LIVE in the bathtub

This was just funny to me. This was taken about 1.5 months ago. She was in some weird zone in the bathtub. It started out as this silent washing of herself and turned into some sort of meditating tai chi.

This kid LOVES her baths. Every night - every single night we get in the bath. She knows the sign for it and she always gives it to me when she's ready. Like clockwork at 6:00pm.

Unfortunately, she is now in a fun phase where she points out and makes a VERY BIG DEAL of dirt and specks of anything on the ground, on clothes, in the tub ... So, bathtime is a blast until she sees the dirt in teh water that just came off of her. Then it's over. "Up," "All done" and we are outta there!



Anonymous said...

That belly is so cute! I would love to know what is going through her mind during her tai chi moments.

Michal said...

Reminded me of karate kid...she's got moves!

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