Friday, November 5, 2010

It's really pretty simple

Days are pretty grand around here. I wake up around 7:30 these days! Snuggle with mom for 15 minutes. No talking. No fiddling with anything. I need silence and some time to get going. Once we are awake, we hit the ground running. I sweetly sign and ask for "toast." This is an every morning occurrence. We don't always get "toast," because sometimes mom thinks I need a bit more nutrition than bread and butter. I eat whatever she gives me for breakfast. It's my favorite meal.

Today, while I waited for my toast (patiently) I played with some play-doh.  Mom says I can't eat it or feed it to Brutus anymore.  The other day, we both threw it up ... at the same time.  Mom made that face again.  Probably shouldn't eat play-doh again.   I also saw the bunny rabbit that lives in the bush in the front yard.  I LOVE it when we see him at breakfast time.

Then I want to go outside.  I don't care that it's 30 some-odd degrees in the mornings now.  That's what hats, boots, and jackets are for.  Mine are all by the front door and I go and get them myself and even try to put them on.  Sometimes I ask mom for help.   Yesterday I wanted to walk my new favorite toy, the wooden pull-dog.  And I did.  I walked 2 whole blocks with him.  Gaucho came too. 

Then we worked in the yard.  Another beautiful fall day here in Montana.  Mom says they are numbered and that soon the ground will be much colder and whiter.  I like the leaves a lot and there seem to be LOTS of birds in the sky right now.  I laid down in the middle of the yard today and watched them for quite a while.  I sure love birds.  Gaucho always brings me his toys to throw.   I appease him and toss his silly things around for a while.  My throw is getting better.  Mom and dad think I am going to be a "lefty."  I eat, write, and throw with my left arm most of the time.

Nap time ... When I got up from my 2 hour nap today, I wanted to go outside again.  Yet again, I need a few moments to wake up - I don't want too much commotion for a few moments.  So baby and I sat on the patio steps for a few before the playing resumed.  I talked to her, pretend changed her dirty diaper, and showed her the birds.  She always sits so sweet with me on the patio.

Then it was time for the bean box!   It's so cool.  Mom lets me sit inside this box with a lid and I can throw beans wherever I want!   They usually end up in my pants or diaper.  Ouch. I mainly like to squeeze myself as small as possible and pop out - again and again. 

More working in the yard. Mom cleaned out the garden, raked leaves, and cleaned off the rug that Brutus and I threw up the play-doh on. I LOVE these days.

A walk, some toast, a nap, and a box of beans... what more does a kid need?

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Michal said...

Well said.

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