Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tractor parties and family time!

We put on some clothes (rare, I know), loaded up the Suburban (actually we packed it FULL of presents, misc camp gear, and elk camp food) and headed to Dillon to celebrate our Cousin Cash's 2nd Birthday! 

this is the "serious" I am walking and on a mission face

Dad and Uncle Josh were meeting us there, as their 1st week of Elk Camp was done and we were all going to spend a whole 12 hours together, and I was bringing them the haul of food for Week 2. 

Cousin Cash's house is full of tractors of all shapes and sizes and he was nice enough to share them with Matine.

Baby Jhett sure is getting big!  She is quite a strong and long 6 month old.  She didn't like being held by my mom much, but she sure loves her own Mom and it was fun to get to be around a real baby again!

The best part of the weekend was seeing DAD!!!! He sure missed me ... 12 hours with him isn't enough!  At least I get to see him again tomorrow!  When will hunting season be over again?

Me and aunt Amy had some fun.  She sure liked my pretty preppy tight-cardigan ensemble.  Hounds tooth shorts and fun fall colors are sooooo "me."

sharing snacks - "one for me, one for you, one for Brutus"

We know aunt Micca is DYING back at home and misses Josh so much, but we sure are grateful to have him here with us.  He's keeping daddy sane, safe, and relaxed up in Camp.  Thanks Josh (and Micca for sharing). 

It was a big weekend - lots of playing, partying, and driving.  I was so excited to snuggle up with my new favorite wildlife book and practice my "wolf howl" and "elk bugling."  

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