Friday, September 24, 2010

First Sentence

Matine is starting to put words together to form "sentences" now.  First off, I will give back my "Mother of the Year" crown as soon as you read this story (actually, I never earned or wore the crown, but whatev). 

Yesterday, we were making cookies for the impending return of Peter and Josh tonight.  I figured they've been in the woods all week and some fresh baked goodness would be nice.  It was lunch time and Matine was having SUCH a good time, I didn't want to spoil it by forcing her into the torture-chair (high chair) for a stupid meal that she would likely reject anyways.  Instead, as she sat on our bathroom floor (newly mopped and cleaned) and played with my make-up brushes and toiletries, I just sat a plate beside her with her "lunch" (tortillas with melted cheese - at least it wasn't "toast"). 

After she finished eating her saturated fat lunch on the bathroom floor I offered her some "cookie dough" and told her how to say it (I assume she will need to know this very important food group in the future).   She puts the dough on her finger, not knowing the true goodness that awaited her, and proceeds to go play. A few seconds later, as predicted, she runs back to me with her fingers in the air, signing and saying "mo" (more).  It was so cute.  So, I give her "mo."  She quickly asked again... this time, immediately eating it and not trying to go play between bites.  For her next spoonful, I asked her to ask nicely.   Without prompting, my gal says with words and signs,

"Mo cookie dough, please!"

I am so proud!


Mark and Megan said...

Way to go Matine!

Meg Taylor said...

what a great first sentence!!!!

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