Thursday, August 26, 2010

Identical Cousins

Matine and her new favorite cousin, Brynn Alicyn have been having a BALL together since Saturday. I have a million pictures to post soon, but until I find time to sort through all the cuteness, here are some to give you an idea of how much fun these two gals are having. They are 2 months apart, but freakishly identical in so many ways. They are booth goofy, happy, chatty babies. Their little voices are even alike and they have almost the same vocabulary. They have been SO sweet with each other since the moment they met (again) and they share everything with each other, play games, and totally pay attention to what the other is doing at all times. They are truly good friends already. It is very heartwarming and fun to watch.

We have decided that they MUST attend summer camps or do vacations with eachother every summer. It is just too cute! Brynn is 2 months younger than Matine but out weighs her by a few LB's. They jam each morning to music, read books with eachother and like to share their food and toys. Bathtime is a hoot and it feels a bit like having twins in the house. We even dressed them in matching outfits today. Yes we did!

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