Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Airstream Adventures

We haven't taken the Airstream on a legitimate "maiden voyage" quite yet.  Since the day after we got Her, she has been parked in our driveway and graciously housing our constant rotation of house guests.  She has proven to be quite the extra bedroom.  A reminder to future visitors:  the Silver Bullet has air conditioning - our house doesn't!  The mobile living unit is very cozy and all Her guests have raved about her comfort, temperature and overall charm.  

We have taken her out to Joellyn's house twice now as our living quarters when we are there.  When there is a houseful of Amy, Eric and kids and other miscellaneous visiting family - even Jo's spacious house gets crowded and loud.  We love being about to sneak off outside and find peace and quiet in her metal walls.  Matine sleeps better in the Airstream than in her bedroom - she loves it!

There our beauty sits, perfectly at home as a backdrop to the Horseshoe Hills
She is an excellent focal point for adult and child gatherings alike.  Throw a few cushy Paco pads, bouncing balls, and dogs and the kids are right at home!
Sally, Audrey (pictured with Matine) and Camille came up last weekend for a nice relaxing day on the Howell Farm.
Camille cuddling her favorite friend and sister.
Amy and her baby, Miniature Eric (we also call her Jhett Marie)
TWO sweet babies - lucky me!
Cute and blurry picture of Mattie with her proud daddy.  These two are starting to look like twins.
After Nana read her grand-babies some stories, it was off to the Airstream for Matine who slept from 8pm to 8am!

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lauren and brad said...

oooh! i'm envious! looking forward to the many airstream adventures in your future! it is so awesome!

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