Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Matine got to hang with her new Canadian transplant friend, Isla this week. It was SO fun hangin with the girls.

I got to hang with Isla's Auntie Christina and her momma Jackie. We had so much fun too.
Really guys, Canada? Did you have to move so far away? Actually Vancouver is MUCH closer than Jacksonville where they used to live and we planned our trip to see them in October!
Oh Isla!


Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...

this top picture - there is something really special about it! I am glad you are having such a great summer!!!

Bibi said...

That Isla is mucho cute! It looks like she may have even had a haircut. My gal looks like yours in the hair department . . . I try to stick attractive things to her head (my own selfish reasons), head decor if you will.

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