Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Days - Our So Called Life

Here's a recap of life lately (sorry for the tardy posting)

Wednesday's at the Livingston Farmer's Market - friends, music, fresh food, homemade goodness, and kids dancing ...

Matine wearing her boyfriends clothes.

Thanks egg-roll eating Sullivan!

Did I mention dancing - bee bop.

Oh, fresh lemonade too!

Lots of love and mommy kisses ...

Logan and his gorgeous mommy - baby # 3 - any time now!

New "just my size" camp chairs from Grandpa Scott! Lovin it!

Horseback riding - we love that we can ride them anytime we want!

Birthday parties at the bowling alley - that was a sight! Glad there is always a bar at the bowling alley.

Naked time, in dad's lap, with cute new baby cousins. Ah Jhett... You are growing so fast!

Fun breaksfasts with our bestest friends - Auntie Chris hung out with us at the Stockyard Cafe in Bozeman. Mmmm cornmeal whole wheat pancakes!

I love hip restaurants!

Camping again on the Missouri River - waiting for the boys to get off the River, we danced to the live music and ate ice cream sandwiches at Izaacs Bar! Fun stuff!

Ice cream sandwiches make hot days so much more fun!

Summer days on the river ... does it get any better? Probably not.

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