Thursday, July 1, 2010


It's the season of Gratitude. I decided this yesterday. When life throws you a few disappointments, I think you have to stop the engine and start focusing on the things that ARE going your way. The scale is usually tipped FAR to the good side.

my healthy, beautiful baby girl (enough said there)
a sweet, caring husband that tries hard to love me lots
a nice home
friends and family that help us out so willingly
the mountains
beautiful mountain summers
kiddie pools on hot days
a yard to grow my own food
a fun town with neato stuff to do all the time
live music!
jobs that we love and that pay the bills!
our fur kids - all 10 of them
grandparents that adore our kids (human and fur alike)
dancing in the living room on a rainy summer night
reading books
drinking wine with my rad girlfriends
new babies and new mamas
friends that feel comfortable calling you at 9pm to take them to the ER
good doctors in a small towns
a clean house
pretty window boxes and flowers this year
the RAIN - which means green hillsides and no fires
trout - they bring the fun, the money and make the world go round (at least around here)
lifelong friends
old friends
new friends
great Loves that you never forget
getting muddy and dirty
ice cream sandwiches on hot days
camping in the backyard, just for fun
best friends

1 comment:

Jo said...

that's a wonderful list :)

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