Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A la list

Thought I'd hash out some things I am looking forward to (since I can't stop thinking about them anyways):

1. Sun on my legs - they are so white they look gray
2. To read the last Twilight book - Breaking Dawn. I think I might be a bit Twilight obsessed, and no, I did NOT see it coming!
3. Seeing Micca - always looking forward to that!
4. My folks to get back to Montana. Mom and Jim left 2 days ago but we miss them already. Dad says he's coming in June, but man, he can't get here soon enough!
5. For my garden to start growing! All is in (but the tomatoes)!
6. Sun, did I mention we need some sun for #1 and #5 to work?
7. My mothers day photo shoot with Meggan Carrigg Davidson! I bought my mom and I a photo shoot with she, me and Matine for Mother Day - wont' that be fantastic?
8. Pat Green concert on the Banks of the Yellowstone - July 31st! Need I say more?
9. Camping with my family this summer
10. Floating on the River with my family this summer
11. Matine in sleeveless shirts and sun hats!
12. The Farmers Market - starts next week! Yipppeeee - fresh produce and food all summer!
13. Sex and the City 2: Girls Night this Friday!
14. Sun.
15. Pete being home... But I know he loves being on the Missouri River, in his tent, fishing until dark...
16. For my house on Lewis street to SELL!!! Hellooooo buyers!
17. To see what pretty plants Joellyn picked out for my window boxes and get them planted!
18. Every moment with Matine - she's always the highlight of every minute!

1 comment:

Rachel Melone said...

Yes!!! I became a Twilight freak last year and NEVER saw it coming. It's so out of character for me!!!
I am sincerely with you all the way on the garden, chica! I work 1 day a week at a local greenhouse and literally go home every time wanting to plant! Just got my stuff put in today (with the strong possibility of running out to cover it at night...) Wish we lived closer, we could garden and raise children together! :)

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