Monday, April 19, 2010

Picnics and Donkey Basketball

Ah.. There's nothing like exposing your children to good culture.

We enjoyed a nice evening at the Park with the Rogers' Clan and then a good ol' fashioned game of Donkey Basketball. Yes, that's what I said. Mature adults dress up in super-hero costumes and play basketball on the backs of donkeys. We loved it!

We might have to balance out the french fries and redneck sporting events with a visit to New York's Met Museum or a trip to Europe (hint hint Grandpa Scott).

Waiting at Marks in n Out for our dinner - Matine sporting her red pancho from Suzanne in L.A.!

Sacajawea Park - William, Logan, Matine, Pete, Madeleine (baby x), and Mike

Little William and his corndog.

Logan with his milkshake.

Matine loves french fries.

After a good run around the park, Madeleine and I took Logan and Matine to the highschool to see what "donkey basketball" is all about. Apparenlty the rest of our 5,000 person town was there too - the place was packed!

This might be why - Susan and Jeff on the "Chadz Coffee Shop Super-Hero Team"

Go Theresa! Don't fall off!
Matine dug it!

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