Monday, April 19, 2010

life these days

Concentration - everything Matine has been doing has been with great purpose and intensity. Talking, walking, playing ... whatever she is "practicing" she takes very seriously! (as you can see from the face above)

Jewelry! We love to put on necklaces and anything pretty she puts to her ears like "earrings."

Walks and being outside! We have been taking advantage of every single sunny warm moment! Yardwork, grilling outside, walks... It has been oh, so pretty!

Coming on strong to her boyfriend. Matine loves to give people hugs - especially other kids. In the stroller here she threw herself on top of Sully to hug him. When he cried and didn't like it, she just patted his back for the rest of the ride. What can I say - she's a lover, not a fighter.

Playing in the rocks and dirt. Matine loves to work in the yard with us. She has a box with a real little spay and dirt and she stays busy for hours! Our yard is starting to look good - so much more to do but it is so much fun! Yes, I think we may have ingested a rock already. Is it bad that it doesn't bother me as much as her dog-food-eating fetish?

Bows, bows, bows (not the kind that go on your head)! This seems to be all Peter talks about on the phone each morning and night with friends, and all he wants to do on his "down time." Here we went to Jacqueline and Grif's for the day of riding horses, shooting bows, and yummy dinner! Great day!

Icing! Jacqueline is taking a cake decorating class and will be making Matine's birthday cake! We were practicing some icing skills and of course, Mattie LOVED this activity. It didn't take her long to realize that sugar = good.

Reading! Boy, do we love books! She mainly flips through the pages and makes up her own stories and noises, but wow... Books are fun! (here she is ready "Dogstrology: The astro-guide to your pet's personality). Everything in her life seems to revolve around dogs .... hmmm.

Let us know if you need a reading for your favorite furr-friend.

Will you be shocked when I say - "we've been busy!" Of course not... But we sure are having fun!

Here's a preview (for full feature - come visit us)!

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