Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Jhett , Cashman, and the "Original Eric"

We made the fast drive to Dillon on Tuesday to meet THE Jhett Marie Hoffmann in person! It was so worth it! Not only is she perfection in a bundle, but we also got to spend some time with Eric's dad, Ken and Cash and Matine got to play, play, play.

Three generations of Hoffmanns! Ken IS Eric or is Eric - Ken? Not sure. BUT, the two are identical and we got a kick out of chatting with Ken, hearing about his life as a farmer in Minnesota, and the rest of the Hoffmann clan. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. These are two sweet men.

This man has a knack for holding babies - especially baby girls - his other two sons have ALL girls back in Minnesota!

Matine wanted some time of grandpa's lap too!

Little Jhett.

Fish face Uncle Sneaky.

Amy looks fantastic after having a baby!

Are you my mother?

Matine and Cash went straight to playing - Matine crawled everywhere to follow him. Cash kept circling the living room and would "pat her head" on each pass. He even sat down to read her books - until she tried to flip the pages herself. That ended that fun quickly.

mmmm... that looks good. I want to drink too.

can you chug like this?

Fun book Cash, but I am going to flip the pages...

Oh no you won't!

See Matine, that's a tractor!

Ah, little baby Jhett! We love you so much already!

Thank goodness babies don't come out at this size!

Joellyn and Ken were on missions as they stayed at the house to help Amy and Eric out. Ken and Peter completely cleaned out and organized their garage. Ken tilled up their entire garden area. Joellyn did her usual of rearranging furniture, loads of laundry and organizing and hanging each and every new piece of Jhett's clothes, and took really good care of Cash!

I felt like I had stepped into a Minnesota based movie. With Ken and Joellyn around, the accents got thick and there was lots of talk of "hot dishes" and other Minnesooota goodies.

We head back tomorrow for Easter all together as a family! This trip will include a little Scottongim to liven up the party!

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tiffany james said...

Soooooo cute Brooke!!!! Thanks for putting these up. I asked ame when she was going to get them on facebook.... and I'm thinking it won't be soon. I am going to try and get down to Dillon to see her. Hopefully this weekend :) tiff

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