Saturday, April 3, 2010

And his life will change forever....

Did you see the latest "Modern Family" episode (watch the first few minutes here on Hulu)? We have confirmed that Jim Bynum IS Phil now. For MONTHS Jim has been researching, planning for and anticipating the arrival of "mom's ipad." Our beloved computer geek is convinced that this ipad is exactly what MOM needs to store her 10 million pictures of Matine and do her emailing. Thank GOODNESS the day has finally come!

We are quite sure that they went back to Oklahoma for a few weeks JUST so the ipad would be in his hands sooner -- it does take longer to ship things to Montana you know. He threw a childlike fit on the day he heard they were postponing the shipment of the pre-ordered ipads by 1 week. We just let him scream, yell and mourn the "loss" in private that day.

Yesterday Jim literally spent all day "prepping" his other computers and the designated ipad working area. Today they have been advised to not go anywhere - "The ipad arrives today! And we have to be here to sign for it!"

I haven't seen Jim this excited about anything. Ever. Well, maybe he was just as excited when Pete told him that he didn't have to ride any more horses after camp last year.

Beside the point. Will mom ever actually see her new toy? Unlikely. Will Jim be occupied for the next 3 months? Definitely. Sun, you don't need to come out anymore, the glow from the ipad is all Jim needs for sustenance (and he won't be outside anyways).

Enjoy your new toy Phil, I mean Jim.


kerri said...

so true! you nailed it!

Jacqueline said...

bahahahaha.....I saw that episode this week and where was it that i heard about this thing?????....oh yeah, it was Jim! :)

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