Monday, April 12, 2010

Lions, Monkeys and Rabbits - Oh MY!

Matine is a hat model, did you know? Well, it wasn't a paid gig, but it sure was fun!

Our beautiful, illustrious, and talented Meggan Carrigg Davidson of MCD Photography joined us on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and brought with her some DARLING hats that her friend has made and will be selling to the general public shortly.

She needed pictures of cute, real babies in her very cute, real hats. Enter Matine.

Here are a few, but you can follow this link and see them ALL - and trust me - you will want to see them all. Thanks Meggan for taking such sweet pics of our girl, again. You are amazing!


Jacqueline said... her!

lauren and brad said...

I love those hats! and I love that girl!

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