Friday, March 19, 2010

Washington Road Trip - Part 2

Part one, two, ten ... whatever. It was all fun! We took the ferry again back to the "mainland" and invaded cousins Dan, Mary and baby Gwenna. We had a great time at their place in Gig Harbor and it felt good to be with family - in a place where babies could crawl and play with ease and the dogs were welcome (they too had fun with their fur-cousins Myrtle and Libby).

We hit the Tacoma Zoo and Aquarium - a very neat zoo nestled in a pretty park on the harbor. We went for walks and ate delicious seafood! Thanks Dan and Mary for being so fun and having such a cute baby cousin for Matine to play with! See you again soon we hope?

Matine loves ferries.

Beautiful Seattle Skyline

Daddy Dan, Gwenna, Matine and Papa Pete at the Tacoma Zoo

Peter and Matine admire the big kitty

The Walruses were very cool! We watched them do tricks and eat fish.

Getting a better view of the walrus. It pays to have a tall dad.

Gwenna sporting her Patagucci jacket and handsome daddy-handler.

Mama Mary and her gal - near the sea lion pool.

Cool! I can see underwater!

Walking tour of beautiful Gig Harbor - Libby, Myrtle and Oliver being very good dogs.

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