Friday, March 19, 2010

Estate Sale - good riddens renters

Well, did I tell you how my last renters up and abandoned my house - leaving unpaid bills, rent, and yes - ALL their belongings!

Sweet! Awesome! Thanks for leaving me to pay for all this AND have to deal with your ugly things.

Well, after waiting the legal amount of days and having to follow the Law to protect YOU and your s*#+!!, we are having an "fundraiser estate sale"of your junk- for ME!

Thank goodness I have a unique mother who truly LOVE LOVE LOVES to organize and throw garage and estate sales! How great is that?

So we are people watching the finest of Livingston, agging at the stench of heavy smokers and people who refuse to wear deodorant and I am VOWING to you now that as God as my witness, I will NEVER be a landlord again!

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1 comment:

Rachel Melone said...

Hey! I want a picture of the stuff they left! :)

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