Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Puppers, Puppy, Bow Wow

We have entered the phase of the "stuffed animal, the woobie, comfort object, whatever you want to call it. Mattie John has latched on to an imaginary friend and has made the inanimate object real. We have conversations with Puppy, have to hug it, give it kisses. She likes to rub Puppy's ears on our faces so we can see how soft he ( I am assuming it's a "he" maybe I am wrong). Puppy even has a tail, which she wags and thinks is very funny. Puppy gets to suck on her pacifier and even dances with her when she starts feeling the groove.

Puppy does NOT stay in the crib after nap time - she refuses to be picked up from her naps without Puppy in hand. We have even had some issues with afternoon naps lately - she and Puppy prefer to stay up talking, giggling, having conversations. I assume they are talking about health care reform, the extinction of Polar Bears, or the need for Amtrak to come back to Montana. Who really knows with babies these days though.

Matine is at her absolute CUTEST right now and the adorable stuffed dog that she has taken too only makes the cuteness more painful! She chose this dog by the way - randomly walking through a store, she YANKS Puppers off the shelf and we weren't going to pry this beige and brown dog out of her hands - it was love at first sight and there was no denying that this stuffed dog was meant to be her friend. Before and since, NO other soft object entertains or interests her. Just Puppy. And when you ask where he/she is, the head starts a turning and it must be found and cuddled immediately. As Matine says to puppy, "ahhhhhh."

So, anything cuter than a chubby 10-month old in a halter bating suit, cuddling a stuffed puppy? It's so cute, I may have just gagged!

We were practicing swimming for the summer - She LOVES her hot tub time these days. Unfortunately, Puppy isn't allowed in.

Getting hair!!


Jo said...

puppy & matine= adorable
matine+ halter suit= FREAKING ADORABLE!

Bibi said...

Teeny, you and pup, must come visit Miss Brynnie and her pup, Violet. You look great in your suit and you and Brynn will be needing to consider hair clips at about the same time . . .

Janie Taylor said...

If I didn't have a grand baby girl (Dillan) 6 months older than Matine I would have no idea what you were talking about!!!! But I get it .....Matine is just getting cuter and cuter! Give your Mom a hug and kiss from me!

Meg Taylor said...

That halter bathing suit is the ULTIMATE!!! love! hi to puppy!

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