Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Ewe" Wouldn't Understand!

Beautiful spring weather in Montana means rounding up the family (mom, Jim, Pete, me and Matine) and getting outside ---- and for some, it means baby lambs! We made the drive to McLeod this morning to help the Titecas vaccinate their sheep and new baby lambs. For those who haven't ever seen (or heard) a baby lamb in person - they are ADORABLE! Yes, they are a bit dirty and have no idea that they poop all over themselves, but if you look past that and can focus on their wobbly, bouncy gait, their sweet little crying, and those pink ears and tongues - oh my!

Matine enjoyed the babies too and seemed very interested in watching dad and JimPa in the corral with all the moms and babies. She may have had a small "Silence of the Lambs" scary moment when she was put on one's back and then stood in the middle of the corral, but she managed to hold it together and daddy was never far away.

My they were cute, but the deafening sound of the constant crying lambs is a bit creepy - I see why Jody Foster had some many issues in that movie. Let's hope Matine sleeps through the night.

Ewwweeeee are so cute Peter!
Actually, Peter is wanting to have a "petting zoo" at Matine's First Birthday Party - we already have the "pony" picked out of our herd. Now he's debating if this little lamb would like to play with a dozen little kids in May.

Where does that white one go?

If they had sharp teeth and were carnivorous, I might be a bit scared at this sight.

Ah, Daddy, Grandpa, and a lamb of my own ... Life is GOOD!

Future Mutton Busting Queen of Montana, Ladies and Gentlemen!

"Well, Hi There!"

Not sure whose face is the funniest in this picture - Pete, Matine or the Lamb.

Little Lady on a Fence


lauren and brad said...

ooooh! i've wanted a baby lamb for so long! they are so sweet!

and the b-day petting zoo is a GREAT idea!

Meg Taylor said...

what a wild fun day!!! sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Matine's face in that picture is HILARIOUS!! Love it! Nothing much cuter than a chubby baby and a baby lamb. Great post!

Mel said...

Love that "gotcha" photo! hilarious! Looks like a fun day for everyone.

Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...

seriously Brooke!!!! SO adorable - I can't stand it!

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