Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Party Time

We have a party girl. Matine continues to be "in her element" with crowds and kids - even if they are are bigger.

Melynda (more pics on her blog here) had a great little surprise birthday party for her husband Henry, but as usual, it was more of a kid party with an equal amount of rugrats to adults.

Matine met a new little 14-month old, Lu. I hope we do some things this summer with this cute little gal. Her old friends Logan, William, Anders and Finn were there too. She confidently leaves us in the living room to follow the noise of the 4-year olds in the back bedroom. We go and find her holding her own and joining in on the boy-ruckus.

Thanks for a fun party Melynda, oh and Happy Birthday Henry!

1 comment:

Micca Rasp said...

She gets right in there and plays with the big boys! Love it. How is it possible she gets cuter every day?

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