Saturday, February 13, 2010

SCI Bound

We are on the road... About an hour to go before our final destination: the Safari Club International, Spokane Chapter Banquet. Willow Ranch Outfitting has donated a Montana Elk Hunt to the event. We get to be there to meet n' greet, talk about our elk hunting outfitter business and pass out some information about our hunting trips, fly fishing trips, and horsepack trips. Cross your fingers for some good connections.

We drove from L-town to Missoula yesterday to spend time with cousin Loni and John and Jen Greer (same friends who visited us a few weeks ago).

A fun time is being had by all! A full report comes shortly.

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Meg Taylor said...

go Willow Ranch Outfitting go!

Anonymous said...

You guys will do great and everyone will love you!! Mic

Anonymous said...

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