Sunday, November 29, 2009

Truly Thankful

What a Thanksgiving the Howell / Waters / Hoffmann /Bynum Clan had this year. I believe our family continues to grow in size and spirit - as it should be everyday, but especially on Thanksgiving. The doors were opened wide to share love and laughter and high calorie foods with anyone that wanted to be with good people.

Pete and I made the trek to Joellyn's house on Wednesday to spend some quiet time before the festivities began. We then stayed until Saturday afternoon. He wanted to work with and ride our two newest horses - Sven and Olie. Let's just say, "we don't pack light anymore." Literally - we loaded a 1 ton dually truck with saddles, 3 dogs, bags, food for Thanksgiving, baby, pack and play, 5 days supply of clothes and diapers, Ipods, board games, a million other things, oh, and don't forget the TRAILER pulling 3 horses! It was quite a sight.

The weather this week was gorgeous - cold, crisp air but sunny and bright. Amy, Eric and Cash made it up on Wednesday night, as did "the girls" Loni and Marni. As usual we drew straws for beds and couches and the slumber party began.

Our first Holiday with our newest addition... She was amazing.

On Thanksgiving Day my mom and Jim, along with longtime friends from California, Dea and Rob, joined us. We had decided today was the perfect day to finally spread John's Ashes on the property. It was one year ago at the House that we celebrated with over 60 people on Thanksgiving, honoring his life. A perfect, peaceful spot was found under a very beautiful cedar tree. Pete spelled a "J" on the earth, Amy an "H" and Joellyn a heart shape. It was perfectly fitting and beautiful. I know John would be so happy to see his family, all together, holding what they didn't have last year --- his grandkids, laughing and smiling and honoring his memory with lots of laughs and a few tears.

Also fitting for John -- we ATE -- a gorgeous and delicious meal - prepared a bit by everyone. Isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about?

We took a walk to the Saloon, drug Cash around in a sled, played with horses, Joellyn gave the customary haircut, we watched some football, and we all delighted in our new babies.

A little trek to the saloon... over the river and through the woods...

Jim Pa and Nana Jo

This is what our clan looks like when we take off for a quick walk...
We are usually out numbered by dogs...

No Thanksgiving that I know of is complete without a few cocktails. The Pendelton bottle was drank completely, a blender full of margaritas had been topped off, 2 bottles of wine .... So, rightly, it was GAME time... Balderdash and Dominoes on a Mexican Train. Oh what fun!

We are grateful --- for all of these people, things, and more.

We took some classic snow bunny pictures.

This is my FAVORITE new picture of Mom and Matine...
I have never known a woman to love a baby more... How could you not really?

The beautiful Waters Sisters -- This is for you Aunt Jan - we missed you.

The Hoffmanns!

Handsome men with babies... Grrr...

The Howells -- Christmas card picture?

Eric is a trusting soul... Haircuts from his mother-in-law?
I guess it's better than from your wife.

Nana Jo did lots of reading, chasing and playing with her darling grandkids... Can you tell they are cousins or what?

There are MANY MANY more amazing pictures from the week...

Look Here and Here.


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lauren and brad said...

how special that you got to spread John's ashes one year later with such a crowd. it looks like it was beautiful...just like your family!

Michal said...

Matine is adorable...those cheeks! I just want to squeeze them! It looks like you had a glorious Thanksgiving. Jealous of all the beautiful snow you have. Got your voice message...anxious to catch up soon. Love you!

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