Monday, December 7, 2009

The (not so) Great Christmas Tree Hunt

We LOVE December when we can go on a fun journey to find the perfect Christmas Tree. This year it was 8 degrees on the day we had set aside to go and we decided to just purchase one from the Boy Scouts. Joellyn came over for the day to help us find our tree and then decorate it (she is a professional tree decorator you know).

Well, Plan B failed too... Boy Scouts hadn't started selling yet. So, we loaded baby in the car and drove up Mill Creek anyways, determined to find a tree that wasn't too far from the road so we didn't have to get her out of the car.

We succeeded! We actually found 2 great trees just off the side of the road. We pointed, Peter hacked them down with his saw, and in the truck they went... Not as adventurous and glamorous as past tree ventures, but we got the job done - all while Matine rested warm in the car.

We love our tree... Love our warm, decorated home, and we are quite certain Matine is going to finally figure this crawling thing out just in time for Christmas so she can pull all those sparkling pretty things off the tree!

Thanks Nana Jo for a beautifully decorated tree (and fun time with you)!

The following pictures are just cute pics of Matine in a Christmas outfit under a tree, surrounded by stuffed animals... yes, I am fully aware of the cheesiness.


Bibi said...

Brynnie too thinks the tree is about the coolest thing we could have put in the living room!

Miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Pretty tree! I miss you!!

Weather said...

pretty tree and beautiful baby

Michal said...

Yea! She's holding the horse Henry gave her!! So glad she likes it. And how precious she looks in her Christmas attire. Her eyes get bigger with every picture. Henry is going to want a big smooch next time he sees Matine.

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