Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tis the Season to Shower

Yes, it is a good time for ME to be showering on a more regular basis. I do find that many days I look at the clock at NOON and I have yet to brush my teeth or my hair. Gross, yes, but I haven't had a husband home to notice or care until now. I actually lost my hair brush last week and didn't brush my hair for 3 days --- that is what pony tails are for I figure. Mom even asked me if I had done something different to my hair the other day - it looked lighter and like it had been cut. No, I tell her. It had been washed, blow dried AND brushed - all in the same hour! But I digress, this didn't start out about showering of the water variety.

My friends are still having babies! It is so fun! Round 2 has begun and there are two more baby boys on the way. Levia is due around January 1 and Megan is due on Christmas! This means digging out the baby clothes that our chunky monkey has outgrown, passing on beds and other handy newborn items, and of course, planning fun parties so they can get all the unnecessary items for bringing home baby.

Friday night we had a shower for Levia at our pal Raluca's house. It was a really fun time - whether you were in to babies or not - the house was filled with beautiful and fun gals, good homemade food, and of course, WINE!

Daddy + Mommy = ME!

Raluca, Alexis, Deb, Camy, Jeannette, and Levia -- she received LOTS of wierd and helpful advice about pregnancy, nursing, and parenting. Hope she listened!

Not the best picture in the world, but Levia is remarkably beautiful as a prego mama.

Darcy and Kyra enjoying our gals night out (in).

Giggly Kyra and a gal with some serious hair issues.

Megan's shower is this Sunday! I am in charge of decorations and the cupcakes. If you remember back to Matine's Dedication week, I think I might give the Baby Cupcakes a second try... Hopefully the icing won't melt and make them look like "melting babies" again.

A few weeks back Megan, Levia, Matine and I went for a really nice hike (walk) up Deep Creek. They were all talk about labor, pregnancy and preparations to be moms. I was so happy for them... I know what is to come and NOTHING can prepare them for the experience and the love that is about to come into their lives! They both are going to be the most amazing mothers...


ally said...

now those are some fortunate friends to have you so close!!! :o)

Meg Taylor said...

glad you're showering again

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