Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Chronicle of Tulsa,

I fly! I'm a flier. I was SOOOO good on all the plane rides. I didn't fuss or cry a single bit, although the turbulence did cause me to produce some extra special diapers (that leaked through all layers of clothing, blankets and on to mom --- on the plane). I also had a nice big breakfast that I "lost" all over mom. I think that's why she had to change ALL of her clothes in Denver. Other than that I am told I was a "gem" and I made lots of friends on the plane. I enjoyed talking (loudly) to anyone who would listen or encourage me with a smile (I hear I am like my Grandpa Scott and Uncle Clark in that way).

We had lots of fun in Tulsa. It was a very quick and BUSY week. I seem to be very "in demand" and highly sought after. Mom didn't get to see everyone she wanted to see, but hey, you can only do so much in a few days with a schedule as busy as mine. I can tell you one thing, everyone we know sure is neat. They are all so loving, fun and good to me.

Here are some of the highlights:

Kate Bosworth. Yes, that is the name of an anorexic actress but she is also the name of Uncle Clark's new dog! She is CUTE! She is a heeler/beagle mutt with big brown eyes and a heart of gold. She already knows how to high five, sit, stay, roll over, play dead and stick like glue to Uncle Clark. It's about time he committed to something (I think I heard mom say that).

My new cousin Kate with Uncle Clark. We spent an entire day with Clark at his house. He has done some really amazing things to his mid-town home. On one particular day we helped him decorate his house for his big Halloween Party while he built an entire deck in his backyard. He's swell and I love him (and Kate).

Mom's friend... dear, dear, long-time friend since middle school, Allyson Wiley is back in Tulsa. Mom has been reading me the adventures of Ally, Tim and Silas of Russia. They lived there for 3 years as missionaries and are finally back in Tulsa for good. Mom was SO excited to see her. I was excited to meet Silas (who is now 2) - he was a cutie.

I remember vaguely meeting Joanne back in July when I visited Oklahoma, but she has heard so much about me since from my Nona. It was so nice to see her again. She told me stories of loving on my mom when she was my age. She was so sweet. I see why my mom and Nona love her so much too!

So, Grandpa Scott is the coolest guy around. He thinks I am something special. And, I really see a resemblance to him - especially the head. We played and played and talked and talked.

The easily excitable, loud, loving, fun and amazing Cottongim Clan came to Grandpa Scott's one night to see me and mom. Boy are they fun people. The kids taught me how to run around and I learned how to fit in with this family - TALK OVER EVERYONE! I was a hit and apparently after I crashed they all stayed up late talking. Mom sure loves her family and I am starting to see why.

Uncle Clark showed off his latest project - the "flip house." It was quite impressive and is now for sale? Any takers? If he sells it he will have the extra dough to come visit me in Montana! Maybe they should just post a picture of me inside? That might sell it quicker...

I toured the hip "mid-town" area with Clark during the days. We lunched at Utica Square's Stonehorse Cafe on one of our beautiful fall days!

Quality time with Uncle Clark - oh, how he loves me so...

My Aunt Shell (it's actually Michele) threw me a big party so Uncle Bob, Grandpa Scott, Rosa, Clark, Courtney, and Nona could ALL see me at once... It's hard for them to share me, so they do large gatherings where everyone has to draw straws for a chance at holding me. :)

They keep calling me a "tub of chub" and putting me in the big pink duck and filling it with water. Apparently it was really fun to watch me play in the water. I of course never oppose bath time. Too bad my scatter brained mom left the pink duck in Oklahoma... We miss it!

I LOVE, love love dogs. Especially Cash The Dog Rasp. He is the coolest lab I have met. He seemed to dig me too. Everywhere I was, there he was close at hand.

Why they insist on doing goofy things with me and then taking pictures? I guess I am cute, famous, or a combo of both?

That about wraps up my Oklahoma time -- Pumpkin Patches, time with Micca, Nona's friends, Clark, Grandpa, Tulsa Traffic .... Whew, I was one tired baby when we landed back in Montana.


Anonymous said...

Matine - The pink ducky will be in the mail tomorrow (along with Momma's boots) Miss you and love you!

Anonymous said...

Cash man doobster! Love him.

Carissa said...

Sorry we missed you guys this time. Let me know when you will be back. I am seriously dying to take some pictures of Matine....Brooke, she is SO DARN CUTE. The baby Yoda costume is killing me!

Weather said...

I love the Yoda costume!!

ally said...

matine, it was wonderful to meet you and hang with you and your mama!!! LOVE you guys!

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