Saturday, October 17, 2009

Her Latest Looks

Matine makes me laugh every hour of every day! Even the hours she is sleeping, I am laughing at something she did the hour before? Am I crazy about our baby? Yes. Is she the most darling, sweet, perfect thing imaginable? Yes.

At 5 months old she is chatty, wiggly, smiling at everything, loves to see things move and work, has something to say back when asked a question, loves to bounce in her johnny jumper, loves to flap her arms and legs out and in as fast as she can, play with her pacifier, Dad, Nona, Jim-pa, and Mom; and of course, she will NOT drink out of a bottle, sippy cup or anything that contains fluids (except for mom, of course). She is very interested in what the dogs are doing now, even squeals at them when she can, is almost sitting up completely on her own (she does now but topples over after a few minutes), and will roll all over the place when put on her back or belly. She entertains herself for long periods with her own hands (twirling and moving them back and forth and rubbing them on things), and is starting to form syllables - ba ba, ma ma (but not a "mama"), blows bubbles and likes the sound of her own voice. We got our hot-tub up and working again and we discovered she is a FISH. She loves the water and doesn't seem to tire of splashing, kicking and being splashed with water.

She has started getting a bit more particular about her bedtime routine. We have discovered that she really doesn't like being babysat and not being put down by mom or dad. My mother swears she screams "mama" as the tears stream down her face when I am not around to nurse her before bed. Hmmm...

Life is bliss in baby land and we adore her and enjoy this child more everyday. We are trying to get outside and enjoy the last few beautiful days of fall before we enter the season of 6 layers and cold-chapped cheeks: although, she really enjoys the cold we have discovered.

As you can see, I am having fun with what my mom refers to as "the best dress up baby doll" I have ever had!

These are Matine's super cute "muck boots" for the snowy ground (thanks Mandy and Aunt Susie). Ours have to be black. Booorrrriingggg.

Cheeks getting bigger by the feeding.

This is her "lounge chair" that she hangs in while we eat casual dinners and watch some primetime TV. She LOVES her Jim-Pa.

OOOHHHH... Something must be scary on TV. This is a new face she has been making lately - it is usually followed up with a "baaahhh baaaahhhh", munching sound. Notice the sippy cup with milk. No, she didn't drink it, just throws it.

Matine got a Lil' Stormy Kromer hat to match her dad and grand-dad (and every other hunter or Montana man). Here is sporting her Carhart coveralls, denim jacket and Stormy Kromer. Kinda cute I must say.

Jim, Pete, Matine and JP at the Pop Stand for a wintery day breakfast with the guys.

I like how she looks like a little redneck Montana angel with the cool blur effect....


Anonymous said...

I am dying...

lauren and brad said...

Baby Carharts? OMG.

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