Saturday, October 17, 2009

Everyone Loves a Good Drinking Story (or 3)...

I figured I had to mention that most of the men in my life were very hungover this morning. It has been pretty humorous to me to watch and listen to. The two dads in my life were smart enough to say "no to drugs and alcohol" last night, but apparently Clark, Pete and Eric didn't get the memo.

Amy and Eric stayed with us last night en route to their new home in Dillon. We had a dinner party so we could see Aunt Jan (Jo's sister), her hubbie Dave. Loni, Marni, their beaus, Eric, Amy, and Cash, friend Sally and her babies Camille and Audrey, mom and Jim were all in house. It was a really nice night. Prego Amy and I had babies to tend to so of course, we were in bed by 10pm.

Eric and Pete were enticed to "go out in Livingston," have a proper long-overdue guys night, and listen to a Johnny Cash Tribute Band. This led to a final stop at The Murray Bar (always a bad idea). Pete claims he "packed" the 6ft-4in Eric home at 2am on foot somehow. Eric was found on the bathroom floor this morning, where he slept the entire night. They are both still asleep I hear.

Meanwhile, my brother Clark called me with a grumbling husky voice from Stillwater, OK this morning (Go Pokes -- it's OSU Homecoming, the most FUN weekend ever in Oklahoma). Apparently at 4am this morning Clark and friends decided to call it a night (or is that morning) and needed a ride to where they were staying outside of town. Being the dedicated Phi Gamma Delta's they are, they raided the Fiji house and asked a poor 18 year old pledge, at 4am, to drive them home.

Yes, they admitted that it was pretty lame for 27 year old men to ask an impressionable 18 year old pledge for a ride home (of course he did it). Rightfully, they are feeling like losers and are hungover this morning.

I am proud of all parites for walking or getting rides home last night! Way to be good examples for your kids and neices boys!

The sad part for Pete and Eric is that they have a loooonnnggg day ahead of them. They have to drive the MOVING trucks, trailer and Uhaul to Dillon (3 hours) and they actually unpack it all... with their throbbing brains and alcohol filled legs. Clark and friends have a long day of more fun ahead of them at OSU's Homecoming. I am not feeling too bad for them right now, but didn't anyone teach them to PACE themselves for big weekends like this?!

I am at work, counting flies (so much fun) and listening to the OU - Texas game on the radio. Matine has a surprise for everyone when we get home. Check back tonight!

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