Sunday, September 20, 2009

Western Extreme & Adventures Abroad

Well, week 1 of archery camp are over. They were VERY successful and everyone left "happy campers." They have already committed to coming again next year!

They raved about the accommodations, the food and the entire staff.

The staff - Jim, Josh and Keegan were all GREAT! It was Keegan's (Jacqueline's brother) first time guiding and apparently he did an awesome job! On his very first day -on his own- he led his hunters to a bull, called it in, they shot it, and he quartered and packed it out --- all at the ripe age of 20! Yay for Montana kids growing up in the wilderness.

I think the entire group learned ALOT from these hunters - they are definitely professionals and have a ton of experience hunting, filming, traveling. They even "tipped" Josh and Keegan with brand new bows! Not a shabby tip!

As I mentioned, this group of hunters came with a camera crew and they filmed footage for a few of their nationally syndicated hunting shows. You will soon see the footage, Peter, Keegan, Josh, Jim and the hunters on the Outdoor Channel!

Here are some images of the week - there will surely be more to come!

The Gang - Peter, Jeff, Keegan, Keith, Jim, Ray, Jim, Josh, Randy and another Josh (Travis was taking the picture)

Packing out the gear and horns

The Western Extreme Crew - Josh, Jim, Keith, Randy and Ray

The kills.

Apparently they do alot of this between noon and 3 each day.

Peter missing his wife and longing to see her.

Travis set up and waiting for a shot.

Jim Burnworth and his 6x6 bull from the first day.

Elk down!

Randy and Jim Burnworth - the father/son camera and hunting team.

The boys goofing off in the cook tent.


Josh and Briana said...

Hey Brooke! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm not very good at updating it, but I'm working on it, haha. I love your new picture at the top of the page, it's so funny! You're family is so adorable!

Rachel Melone said...

wow! you guys are rockstars!!!

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