Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update from Elk Camp

The Three Amigos Just Before They Hit the Road . . . Oh the adventures they will see together.
Jim Bynum (camp tender), Josh Rasp (camp cook), Pete (the boss and guide du jour)
Don't they look fierce and hilarious!

When your husband lives 10 miles from a road in a wilderness area for 2-3 months of the year, you don't have too much communication. So, you take what you can get and try not to worry too much or worry when you hear nothing. No news is usually good news.

Unless you get a call from someone on the team as they are driving their dead elk meat to a freezer! That is VERY good news!!! Yes, that means they have at least one elk down! I don't mean to sound so much like a cold-hearted carnivore, but it is a good thing when you own a business that makes money when animals die.

One of the hunters, Jim, called me yesterday to ask where he could take the elk that he shot with his bow on the very first day they were in - that was last Wednesday! The phone conversation was brief, but the highlights were:

"everyone doing great"
"all the guys are bad-ass"
"they were able to call this elk in"
"it was a 6x6"
"they have enough footage already for a couple of his shows"
"he's getting the third hunter today and going back in with him"
"Peter needs you to log-in to his acct and transfer some $$" (nothing like honey-do's from the woods)

Yay for good news. I will keep you posted on anything else we hear.

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lauren and brad said...


Lovin' the pic of the boys! They ARE bad-ass!

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