Saturday, August 15, 2009

Catch Up

Well, I need to do some catching up with my blogger readers . . . because I think I CAUGHT the Swine Flu (I apologize, the H1N1 Virus to those of you who find it offensive to the pig farmers of America). It has set me back in more ways than one the last few days.

No excuse however, before that I just couldn't find the time to blog. As is typical in the summer in Montana - it's "Visitor Season" and our warm home is a revolving door of family, friends and dogs alike (we don't discriminate).

Peter has had his hands full - an extrememly busy fishing guiding season and of course our FIRST summer Pack Trip for Willow Ranch Outfitting. It was a HUGE success and apparently the clients had the time of their lives, called it "the best" pack trip they have been on and will be coming back. Yay Pete!

He has also been back up to camp (with trusty Jim Bynum's muscle and company) to get ready for Archery Season which is just a few short weeks away.

My amazing family has been in town. Clark came up on August 5th and just left on the 12th (his 27th Birthday... Happy Birthday little Brother). Jim arrived on the 7th with his truckload of furniture, clothes and house essentials to stock the new Bynum Cottage in Livingston, and my dad and Rosa arrived on the 12th (as Clark was leaving) and they will be here until Monday afternoon. Monday evening, Pete's cousins Brandon and Bridget and their BRAND NEW BABY girl Brynn Alicyn (3 weeks old) will be coming for a visit. Then on Wednesday, our dearest Jim Wofford will be here again for horse clinics and fishing (oh, and to use that handy online ordination certificate that he used for our wedding and baptize/dedicate little Matine in the Yellowstone River).

All the while, dogs must be fed, jobs must still be done, babies must get diapers changed, bills need to be paid (boo) and somewhere in their our sanity needs vain attempts at salvation.

So, here are a few "catch up" blogs headed your way!

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