Thursday, June 25, 2009

Museum of the Rockies

Matine, her cousin Loni and I met my dear dear friends Kelly Ward and kids at the Museum of the Rockies last week for a visit. Kelly and kids (Daisy, Lucy and Henry) came from Pullman, WA to visit some family. I take any opportunity to see this wonderful family. If you don't remember from previous reading, we all go back to Oklahoma State days when I watched this darling kids in college. When I met them, Daisy was 1.5, Lucy was 3 months and I got to be there when little Henry came into the world! They are just as wonderful and it was great to see them meet Matine. Life comes full circle!

The living history homestead at the Museum - every day they have volunteers "acting the part" of homesteaders at this working home.

The Museum of the Rockies is world renowned for it's dinosaur exhibits. Dr. Jack Horner, an MSU researcher and world expert on dinosauers does his work here. We showed Matine all the big bones that were all found within miles of our home here.

Kelly, Lucy and Henry with Matine and I (not sure why Daisy isn't pictured here...)

They also have a very cool "living homestead exhibit." It's a working turn of the century homestead where volunteers work every day in authentic garb and do authentic work and crafts for the time. We saw them baking on the wood stoves, a blacksmith doing blacksmithing things (???), the kids tending to their chickens, weaving rugs and working in a real garden. VERY COOL!

Loni and I showing Matine about meat eating extinct creatures.

She slept through most of it, but I am sure some of the knowledge sunk in somehow.


Terra said...

You look AMAZING Brooke. I love Matine's precious dot outfit! Motherhood suits you well!

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