Sunday, May 24, 2009

Circle of Life

Brooke and Grammie, May 6, 1980 - when Brooke was 1 week old.

I have not had the time to sit down and write a proper post about our labor and delivery day(s). I will still do the "labor experience story" in full at a later time, but part of those days involved the passing of my maternal grandmother, Norlynne Wood in Tulsa.

We went to the hospital on Saturday night, May 9th. On Mother's Day, Sunday May 10th we were in labor all day and expecting Matine to arrive (hopefully) that day. As you know, my mother and stepdad were here already.

When Peter and I finally called my mother on Sunday morning at 6am from the hospital to tell her that we had been there that night and labor was progressing, she had already been awake - having just received a call telling her that my 86 year old grandmother, her mom, had passed away peacefully in her bed that same Mother's Day morning.

I don't need to explain or elaborate on the irony and symbolism of this turn of events. I find it miraculous that on that day a life was taken, a life was to be given, a mother is lost, a new mother is made, and a 3rd generation of a family had begun. All on "Mother's Day."

My mother had to fly home the day after Matine was born for a few days for the funeral, etc. She was happily back by Friday, eager to spend the rest of the month with her new grand-daughter.

I love you Grammie and I know none of this was coincidental or unplanned.

While the Grammies story is somewhat joyous in my eyes, we were stunned and devestated to hear of our dear friend Joan Powell's very premature and sudden death this past week.

Just recently, you read of our Man's Shower for Matine, given by our dear friends JP, Carl and Fenton. Just after the shower, JP's wife Joan and his daughter Liz arrived in Montana to enjoy fishing and the spring. Pete got a nice couple of days on the river with the family and we were THRILLED to finally meet "Joanie," as JP could never quit talking about his wonderful wife, mom of three, and all around incredible gal. JP couldn't wait for me to talk to her about babies and being a mom - because according to JP "Joanie" knew it all and was an expert. I would say she was 3 amazing kids (1 set of twins in there too).

So, the day finally came! On May 2nd JP brought Joan, Liz and the guys up to the house for my birthday party and of course everyone was hoping there was going to be a baby already. No baby, but we met finally met Joan and she had some wonderful advice and wisdom to share about being a "calm mom."

On May 18th, at age 54, Joan passed away in Michigan. There are no words that we can extend to JP, Dan, Liz or Katie that will heal or make this loss any easier. We love you guys, we love your family, we consider you part of our own and we hold you up in our love, thoughts and prayers.... We are SO blessed to have finally met "Saint Joan."


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Ashley said...

Brooke...I am sorry to hear about the loss of your you may have heard, the same day Finnegan was born on April 1st, my grandfather passed away at 3:45pm in the afternoon. We truly believe he was waiting around for Finn, as he knew we were naming him after him (Finnegan Melbourne) and we do believe he was waiting around to make sure he arrived safely. I am sure your grandmother was the same way.

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