Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Like Day in Livingston

Sunday, Joellyn came over the hill to join us for a nice sunny 60 degree day and dinner. We went to the River to walk all the dogs and stopped by the Cox's house to crash Brad's 4th Birthday Party! It was so cute to see all the kiddos playing and of course, we got to see some of our wonderful adult friends too.

Laurie and Mike made the best engineered and coolest Tractor Cake I have ever seen!

Russell and Lee - Russell is part of the Mustache March competition too.

Beautiful Kristen!

Peter playing with Libby - boy how she adores him right now...

Abby and Libby

Laurie's mom Helen and Joellyn

All of Brad's little friends singing him Happy Birthday.

Montana the Dog, Joellyn and Pete along the Yellowstone River

Below is a fun little (short) video of our dogs finding the last strip of snow in the Park on Sunday. As much as they love summer time and the river, they LOVE to play in the snow. It's like Gaucho knew that it wouldn't last forever. He is precious.


lauren and brad said...

Holy cow that cake is AMAZING!

Monica said...

I don't even want to show u the cupcakes I made for Bailey's 4th birthday last weekend after seeing that AWESOME tractor cake!!

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