Thursday, March 26, 2009

Great News!

Well, Pete and I just got back from our OBGYN appointment regarding the "low lying placenta."

There is some great news:

1. The four docs met and see no need at this time to say that I will need a cesarean for sure.
2. The placenta is "low lying" not a complete previa (covering the opening) which means that there is a chance (50/50 chance) that it COULD move to a safe level by the time we deliver. They think we need to wait and see how it progresses, as they'd prefer to not do surgery.
3. They are scheduling me to see a specialist in Billings the week of April 13-17. He will determine at that time if it has moved enough to go ahead and have a natural birth (which would be completely safe) OR schedule a cesarean if it doesn't move enough. He can do a better assessment with high tech tools and tests that will give us a much clearer picture.
4. IF they have to schedule the cesarean, it would not be scheduled until week 38-39 (not 37 like I previously thought). This is good - bigger, healthier baby with stronger, cleaner lungs!
5. We felt completely comfortable and satisfied with their thoughts about how to proceed. Nowhere along the way will we risk the health of baby or mama, but there is great hope to believe that things could change and that a preferable, natural birth could happen with no problems.
6. So, from here on out, we are praying and hoping that the placenta will move a bit more (to at least 2 cm from the opening) and that there will be no premature bleeding or stress on the area.
7. The docs would prefer to see me labor naturally, as it is generally safer and healthier for both of us, but should the placenta not cooperate - it might be safer to do a c-section. We will see and we are all on board with whatever happens.
8. With that said, I still have a good 4 weeks left of the perfect pregnancy and LOTS of time to practice and visualize a safe and healthy delivery for baby (however she comes out!).
9. We got to ask a million questions about the cesarean procedure, should it come to that, and I feel much better. It is much less of an "unknown" now and I feel much less uncomfortable with it.

Thanks for all your sweet words and support. Our friends and family are amazing! It's been fun to hear all the different stories of labor and hear such encouraging perspective on the miracle this whole process is!

Oh, here is a picture of the massive belly from yesterday - pardon the scary bathing suit shot, but you can really see the belly better. Cousin Loni and I went and soaked in the pools at Chico Hot Springs -- very relaxing and a perfect thing to do on a COLD March day!

not sure what my hands and face are doing - sorry for the goofy looks!


Molly said...

Okay girl! We'll be praying for some movement then! How funny to pray for your placenta! I mean it sounds funny, but I believe it is so good to pray for everything and it's not a funny request at all! I can just see it in a journal entry in my head and that does look funny..."Brooke's placenta".

You have a wonderful attitude and that will make all the difference in the outcomes either way. You are very aware that this is not the end of the world and won't take away the fun and miracle of the pregnancy and delivery. Thanks for being so positive!

Love that picture...ADORABLE!

Meg Taylor said...

Looking HOT in your bikini! happy to hear all the docs are working hard for you and baby Howell!

Terra said...

Yay for good news! I'll be praying for movement!

Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...

I love the goofy looks!!! So adorable Brooke! I am happy to hear your news! Enjoy this time and looking forward to our picture taking madness...start picking out some great and FUNNY outfits!! Great to see you both last night :) Meggan

BrookeMahan said...

That's good news...move placenta move!!! LOL! You look fantastic!

tim, ally and silas said...

SO happy for you brooke!!! can't wait to hear news on your placenta! :o)...and you look so great!

Jacqueline said...

That is great news Brooke...I will be praying for you. Nice suit..I have that one too! ;)

Bibi said...

Go Placenta Go!

lauren and brad said...

Seems like someone is listening to our prayers! Talk about newfound respect for your docs. How amazing that they are actually detering you from c-section if possible. That is practically unheard of in these parts.

You are in good hands girl. You look amazing (yes, even in a bikini) and your little girl is going to be safe and perfect.

Anonymous said...

Olive Oil!!!

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