Sunday, February 15, 2009

Forget me not . . .

Despite my stubborn attempts to say that I am NOT forgetful, absentminded, an airhead, an idiot, PREGNANT brained . . . I am. I relinquish my will and am formally admitting it "I forget EVERYTHING!"

I could start a very long list but I will give you some highlights. This has been spawned because I looked forward and planned for 2 whole days to make this fantastic homemade cinnamon roll recipe for this morning (see the Orum's blog for the impetus to the baking extravaganza). I started them yesterday and set the yeasty mix aside to rise overnight an this morning I found goo... No beautifully risen rolls or batter - just goo in a bowl... Why?

BECAUSE I GOT DISTRACTED AND DIDN'T PUT 1/2 OF THE FLOUR IN IT! Why, what would distract you so much that you would forget such a KEY ingredient? Oh, it could anything - an itch on my foot, a bird in the window, a dog walking by, a simple "yes or no" response to a question I was asked by anyone.

My brain is SHOT! I have no recollection of some entire conversations lately. I apologize now if you are in my company and I repeat things, ask you the same thing that I did the previous day, or forget your have a name, or that you are even my friend for that matter. Please dear friends and family, don't take it personally.

The little being growing inside of me has sucked all the living and working blood function from my brain. She better be one sharp, smart kid... She's taken it all!

God bless poor Peter... he has been really patient. I think he looks forward to the day where he doesn't have to remind me to open the garage door before backing the car out of it!

Other absent mindedness:
1. Leaving laundry - wet I might add - in the washer for days - yuck.
2. SWEARING up and down that I never entered a room, so the lights being left on could not have possibly been left on by me - only to find my drink or other food items sitting right there.
3. Four - count them 4 glasses of water by my bed b/c I poured myself that many in preparation for bed.
4. Completely MISSING my interstate turnoff the other day and having to drive 15 miles PAST where I needed to go to turn around.
5. Where is my jacket?????


Anonymous said...

I thought it was totally normal to leave laundry in the washing machine for days!!! This all sounds like a lot of fun, soak it up while you have a good excuse. I'm sure you remember all those crazy knots Peter taught you in 5 seconds and showed you once too!

BrookeMahan said...

Ha ha! I am dying laughing b/c I was the same way, but I hate to tell you it doesn't get much better after the baby comes! LOL! I swear I have no brains now that I am a mom! Ha!

Ashley said...

Sad to say, I am pretty much the same way as well...however have always been absent minded. I tell stories over and over again until Paul tells me he has heard the story 5 times and doesn't need to hear it again :) Hopefully yours doesn't stick around after little Baby Howell arrives.

Monica said...

So funny Brooke! I was (and still am) the same way when I was pregant- both times! Apparently, the little darlings suck your brain power away and keep it... Bailey will not let me forget that their is bird poop on the Jeep and that I still have not washed the Jeep!

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