Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Fish Tank . . . Part Two

Well, we are officially fish geeks now. Pete and I spent 1/2 of an entire day doing "fish tank" stuff. You can remember from a previous post how a small "Fish tank in the babies room" morphed into a 90 gallon fixture in the home!

Yesterday, First we met with a guy that makes his living advising, maintaining and servicing fish tanks in the Gallatin Valley - go figure. We went to his home / office and picked out fish, rocks, water treatment options, pump extras, yada yada yada.
This is Pete loading the crushed coral rock into the bottom - he actually had to take off his entire shirt and almost crawl inside the darn thing to get this stuff in the massive tank.

He had some COOOLLL stuff in his house. Peter "thinks" he almost had me convinced to go all out and go salt water instead of freshwater. While I am very excited about his tank now I was not quite ready to go the saltwater route. It just felt like a pretty big commitment (I told you we have geeked out, I can't believe I am even typing this).

So, we get home and we spend the night "designing our tank" with all the cool background rock and wood features for our fish, cleaning the rocks before putting them in the water and finalizing our pump situations.

We had a blast! I must admit - this might be another fun hobby that I can enjoy with my darling husband. He was like a kid in a candy store... Grinning ear to ear the entire night. I was too. It was fun.

So, we have a "loaner fish" to "set up the tank" and we will get our real fish in 2 weeks.

Once we had it set up, we introduced Oliver to the gold fish. Now, the real fun began... He went NUTS! He stared and barked and pawed and looked all around this tank. Very intrigued and frustrated that he couldn't play with this cool orange swimming thing. We watched the single fish and our dog watching the fish for about an hour and a half last night. No lie.

Oliver meeting the temporary fish ----

He eventually crawled up on the furniture to get a better look!

See, fun for the whole family... Just like Pete promised when this whole idea began.
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Meg Taylor said...


Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...

so cute! and yeah! on your new "under the sea"

lauren and brad said...

that thing is insanely big! why only uno fish? :)

Michal said...

This is why I'm letting Wade keep his TV...ha, just kidding. Love that you're fish people now!! You crack me up!!

BTW, Henry is shipping something special to Baby Girl this week. He picked it out all by himself.

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