Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I still cannot believe my little girl is THREE years old already.  Wow, time really does fly.  The last three years with her have been the most exciting, inspiring, rewarding, challenging, and sweet years of my life.

Sweet Matine,

You are truly the sweetest person I know.  Your heart is so big, so honest, so strong.  You make every moment brighter with your enthusiasm for everything!  You choose to see the world as beautiful and fun in every way.  You prefer to laugh, love and hug ... resisting any efforts to ever be cross or not happy.  Even when you fall and scrape a knee you try to not cry or complain and proudly announce when you are "healed" or not sad anymore.   You just want to be happy!  You adore fun, beauty, excitement, people, places, animals.  You take it ALL in with GUSTO and you never cease to amaze me with your wit and curiosity for life.   These days are FILLED with a million and one questions as to why, how or my favorite "what did you say?"  "what are you talking about?"  You are smart and observant beyond your years and I am terrified so many times at what you are processing and understanding.  You have no problem asking over and over about something until you understand it and if you ever hear a word or expression that you don't understand you simply say, "I don't know what that means mom, can you tell me again."  I hope you never lose this quality.  Today I said, "it broke my heart" while talking with Grandpa Scott and you were listening.  You immediately ask me.  "Mom, why did your heart break?"  I know you were taking it literally and were very concerned that I had a broken heart.  When I explained that's an expression used when people are sad about something, you thought about it long and hard and then say, "Expression?  I don't know that word."  You had totally processed all of what I just said but that one word and you couldn't let it go.  I then had to break that down and explain what an "expression" was to a three year old.  You are keeping us on our toes little girl!    You want all people to be included in all you do and you already love your friends and family more than anything.  Princess, in your own words, "you are kind and gentle."  I love you more than words could ever express.  You are my heart and the greatest thing I have ever done or will do in my life.

xoxoxo - Mama

We had a birthday party fitting for a sweet, sweet girl who just loves to sit at a table and chat with friends. What else could a gal that requested a "pink" party want?  We filled the room with pink balloons, vintage dress up hats from Grammie, pretty dresses, flowers, tea sets, tasty treats and 12 of your favorite friends.  I think this over the top party was a success (as we witnessed you literally screaming with joy at the table and running hot laps around the house and yard for 2 hours non-stop).   This one will go down in the memory books.  Everyone kept asking, "how in the world did you find the time and energy to do this with a  10 day old baby?"  Well, let me tell you folks that the secret to ALL my success these days is the energy and time of JimPa, Nona and Grandpa Scott!  Matine has been enlisted to do some heavy lifting around here too!  Thank you guys, you are miracles ... truly.

First, a tea party dress must be picked out.  It must be pink, of course, and have some flowers on it.  Second, you must select a hat.  Pink again is preferred and you can't go wrong if there is a bluebird on top.  She proudly wore her new charm necklace from Aunt Michele (loves it).  Hair had barrettes and a pony tail ("just one").  She just loves to be pretty and adorned from head to toe.

The birthday girl - age 3

Jim Pa, aka "Dapper Dan" arrived early and she was so thrilled to see him sporting his hat and fancy coat.

Oh how they love each other so ....

Every single one of her friends arrived so excited and so cute.  Here is double trouble ... Audrey and Matine.  We are going to have to watch this duo.  Matine just has to have her arms around her friends when she takes pictures.  Not sure where that comes from ... aghem...

Sweet Kiris, Audrey and Matine!  
 The boys looked spiffy too and took right to the yard to play with garden tools and do boy things.

Darling Devin raking our play house yard.  Thanks Buddy! 

Devin's dreamy little brother Justin.  This little guy gets cuter by the day. 
 If you could only have overheard the laughing, giggling and conversations in the the yard.  These kids are hilarious.  At one point Matine was in the middle of the yard, dress hiked up, just peeing.  Yes, she peed at her tea party ... in the yard.  I was so proud!
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 William looking quite guilty at the food table... I love this boy.

Each kid had a place tags, gold chargers, glass plates and "tea cups" with sugary punch.  I tried to provide an assortment of foods (not JUST sugar) but alas, all they ate and went for were the lollipops, cupcakes, cookies and maybe some fruit.  Sorry parents.  I just hyped them all up on sugar and off they went at bed time... Good luck!

Lucas ROCKING my Grammie's vintage hat.  

Kiris, age 5. 

Audrey, age 3

Gray, age 5 (Kiris' twin)

Anders, age 5 (and loving the butterfly cakes)

Finn, age 4 with a cute new haircut.

Zori, almost 3 and ALMOST a big sister
 They all were so cute at the table and felt pretty special.  Matine was at the head of the table and grinning ear to ear the entire time!   At one point she was shrieking with joy.  Until our eardrums about popped and we had to request the b-day girl save that for outside.

The mass of kids at their high tea festivities! 

The shrieking 
 She kept asking me all day, "will we sing Happy Birthday to ME????"  Yes my love, we will!
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 Half of town have adopted JimPa as their surrogate granddad.  Sophia and Sully sure enjoyed his company at the other end of the table.  Please notice Sully's tee-shirt with a tie sewn on to it.  This boy loves casual clothes and he ROCKED this shirt. I thought it was so perfectly "Sully" for such an occasion.


Grandpa "Cot" and Nana Jo

oh sweet girl, I am quite certain she is an ANGEL!

As anyone who knows my dad can attest... I can hardly get him in pictures.  He was at this party the entire time but was chatting someone's ears off outside while drinking a beer (beers) ... I can't believe he isn't in more photos.  And as you know, my mom and I are behind the cameras, alas, I have NO pictures of her either...

It was a great party.  We are all still trying to recover.

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